Is your world coming to an end?

Rod Shimabukuro


Genesis 6:22 Noah did everything just as God commanded him.


Of course, reading this verse alone, writing thoughts on obedience to God, seems straightforward, plain and understandable. God blesses obedience. But think about what Noah just heard and experienced (verses 5-8)? Oh My…! Judgment, destruction, torment… the WORLD COMING TO AN END! But think about the another point of this passage.

The contrasting truths: God shares His feelings, anger, hurt and contrasts evil with good. The sinfulness of creation and the person of Noah, who receives favor. God’s wrath and His love - Destruction and Salvation.

So if I were Noah…I’d be pretty urgent about my obedience to God!


My world is not coming to an end - but I know and am shepherding people through “their world’s hurts & destructions.” Some people are asking rugged life questions - as they feel like their world is falling apart, even coming to an end.

I think I should help people to evaluate their lives, sinfulness, poor-carnal choices…that are affecting their “world.” But I also will certainly help people to see & understand that God favors His people, enjoys obedience and is always for those, who like Noah was (v9) righteous, blameless among people and walked faithfully with God!

At the beginnings of this 2016, I want Jesus to be King over Everything, every part of my life - one day, one decision at a time! That I would be favored to live a righteous and blameless life - and walk faithful with my God!


Thank you Lord - that this world is not my world. So while I live here, help me to live a God pleasing, faithful, blameless life. I know I will always need Your grace and forgiveness for my errors/sins. But I believe You want to be King in 2016, over my everything! I love You Lord!

Devotions for January 03

Genesis 6,7,8
Luke 3

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