Unity starts with leadership

Rod Shimabukuro


I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought. 1 Corinthians 1:10


Right out of the blocks in his letter to the churches, zooming in on Christian leaders, Paul addresses division within the ranks. This division is not to one church’s pastoral staff but to the region - to the larger Body and Family of Christ. In verse 2, Paul writes...“To the church of God in Corinth, to those sanctified in Christ Jesus and called to be his holy people, together with all those everywhere who call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ—their Lord and ours:”

So his warning and rebuke is to all who call on the name of Jesus, the church of God in Corinth - not one particular church, but all the churches - called the Church of God! In verse 10, God’s heart for His family is unity of mind, heart and words. Words can be uniting or dividng, and everything in between. No Divisions among you! Perfectly United...!

This Perfect Uniting may not mean we all act or lead our churches or make disciples in the exact way as others. But it does mean an agreement in mind, thought, which reflects the heart of unity and love of Jesus.


I’ve asked the question to leadership from time to time, when Unity is desired, spoken, tested or attacked...“How one is one?” If we are One in Christ, one church, one body - what does this look like, act like, think like, believe like?

Let’s be real - we’ve all experienced the discouraging and disheartening enemy of divisiveness, division - or the sense of competition that poisons the spirit of unity. We all say things like - “All for God’s glory or the audience of One or it’s not about me...” The reality is that every spiritual leader, pastor struggles with the temptation and enemy of pride - expressed through disagreeing of ideas, plans. Jealousy, discontentment, insecurities fertilize disunity, leading to backbiting, gossip, cold shoulders...and the flesh list goes on.

One answer that I try to live by is the beginning of V. 10. Reminding myself, being convicted that people are my “brothers and sisters IN JESUS!” We are family of God! OF GOD... i said! God’s family “should act, speak, live, think differently. And there are many spiritual leaders who are upholding this truth, living in the Spirit of Unity!


Dear Spirit of God!

Thank you for the leadership, people that I get to serve and lead alongside of! I’m so refreshed by the heart of unity and desire to be pure in heart among our leaders! Thank you for my wife, kids - help me to lead them well, with a pure heart and Spirit of Unity!

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