Wipe My Phone Clean

John Tilton

Matthew 24:1-2 Jesus left the temple and was walking away when his disciples came up to him to call his attention to its buildings. “Do you see all these things?” he asked. “Truly I tell you, not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.”
I am blessed by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross that fulfilled God’s will and Word that Jesus would be the temple that was destroyed for our sin; celebrating that He was resurrected three days later to overcome sin in man and grant us eternal life. What the devil meant for destruction, God sacrificed His son Jesus Christ to endure the pain and sacrifice that we might all have the opportunity to receive the inheritance of being new creations in Christ.
Recently, my iPhone was not working well so I took it in to Apple. Their solution and remedy to the problems was to completely remove and “wipe clean” all of the contents of my phone; programs, data, content, everything. At first, my thinking was, “oh no, that’s scary!” I had so much information on the phone that was critically important to me. Yet, I would need to take the chance in the backup process and let them completely destroy and remove all that was on my phone in order to reinstall all of the programs and data that were new, good and clean. It worked! The problems I was having prior with my phone no longer existed. My phone worked excellently. Thus, so to in my life … I willingly want God to destroy the temples and idols of carnal man and the world that exist in me, that I may be resurrected in Christ and His ways by His sacrifice on the cross. I too want my old temple that has cracks in the walls and a loose foundation to be destroyed so that Christ may do His work in me to be a new temple with the foundation of Christ, walls that stand on His principles and precepts and His roof of covering and protection over me each and every day. Like my cell phone, I want Christ to wipe me clean and destroy any and all bugs in my operating system; that He may install His new operating system founded on His Word and operated by my obedience. May all of the new content be filtered and stored by His will and commandments.
Dear Lord, please wipe me clean of the bugs and glitches in my old operating system and ways. Please reinstall in me your new operating system, 3.0, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to lay within me a foundation of Jesus Christ. May the content and data in my life be filtered and stored in the principles, precepts and commandments of you; easily called back to keep me operating and functioning efficiently, consecrated and expediently in your will and ways.

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2 Samuel 13,14
Matthew 24

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