The Sabbath of Knowing Him First

John Tilton


Exodus 31:12-13

Then theLordsaid to Moses,“Say to the Israelites, ‘You must observe my Sabbaths.This will be a signbetween me and you for the generations to come,so you may know that I am theLord, who makes you holy.


The Lord reminds Moses about the importance of the Sabbath, and as the Lord states “so you may know that I am the Lord, who makes you holy,” He was reminding Moses that the Sabbath was not only to be a day of rest and abstinence from work, but a day of religious observance. God’s word of “so you may know,” was also reminding Moses that the furthermore, in addition to observance, that the Sabbath was meant for the people to truly know and give reverence to Him.


These succinct words are a great reminder to me as well about the importance of the Sabbath; especially in such a busy time as I am now experiencing. Due to the busyness in life, there is sometimes a tendency to think of the Sabbath day as a day of rest, and even a time to “fill one’s cup” with something we enjoy, that will rejuvenate us. However, these scriptures also remind me that in my Sabbath time(s); I not only am called to rest, but to make a concerted effort to “know” Him in an intimate way. For me, that means a time of reflection and prayer. If the Sabbath is just about rest, it’s really then is only about us. If we prioritize to make it a time with and of the Lord, then it becomes a time to, know that He is Lord, and that our time with Him will make us holy.


Dear Lord, thank you for the Sabbath. May I be reminded first to take a Sabbath. May I then be sure that I prioritize my Sabbath as a time with you first, in devotion, reflection and prayer.

Devotions for February 01

Exodus 30,31,32
Acts 8

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