There is yet more to be done

Pat McFall


“You are growing old and much land remains to be conquered…I myself will drive these people out.” Joshua 13:1-6


In the first half of Joshua, the author describes how God was taking the land from Israel’s enemies. Now we start to hear about how God is giving the land to the Israelites. There is still much to accomplish. Joshua was a legacy to the previous generation . But he was coming to the end of his assignment. I can only imagine how that must have felt. I bet there was still fight left in him but he had to think about what would happen after he was gone. He had a promise that God would drive out the enemy but it was the people, not Joshua, who would have to take that step of faith and trust God at His word. Joshua can’t fight every battle and drive out every enemy. The people must rise up. Leaders among the tribes must step up to their God given influence and mission to take the land that God was giving them. Just needed to equip and release the people to finish the work of the mission.


In this kind of leadership transition there will always be a sense of trepidation. Questions like: ‘who will rise up to take Joshua’s place?’ ‘What’s going to happen?’ ‘ Do we have what it takes?’ ‘Can I lead my tribe?’ ‘Do I have the character or the capacity?’ Question upon question and they each are important to ask. But what looms over these questions are 3 things: 1. land still needs to be taken 2. The enemy still needs to be defeated and most importantly 3. God said he would do it (vs.6).

There is still much to accomplish at New Hope and in Hawaii. The test in my own life will be that as long as God allows me to be a part of this ohana, will I have the courage to step up into the influence and mission He is calling me and many others into? Will a generation of emerging leaders arrogantly criticize the previous generation but ultimately not take ground? or will we honor what God has done by honoring the leaders above, beside and below us? Will we have the courage to take up the mantle of responsibility and calling in front of us? Ultimately, will I choose to trust God at His word that He will do what He has promised? Will I choose obedience to Him? Jesus, may it be so of me.


Jesus, I lift up the Joshua’s in New Hope. Guys like Pastor Wayne and those who have been around and done so much for so many. Bless them Lord, keep them healthy. Encourage them in areas where they feel discouraged. I don’t ever want to forget to pray for the leaders in my life. Help me to draw from their example of faithfulness to You and to step up to Your Call when the time comes.

Devotions for March 23

Joshua 15,16,17
1 Corinthians 8

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