From Minus To Mighty

Jon Burgess


“All those who were in distress or in debt or discontented gathered around him, and he became their commander. About four hundred men were with him.” 1 Samuel‬ ‭22:2‬


This is probably not how David saw this playing out. When the Prophet/Priest Samuel anointed David as the future King of Israel he probably pictured the glorious armies of God following him into battle. Now, here he is, hiding in a cave and surrounded by a rowdy bunch of malcontents. This motley crew included his own brothers who, previous to this, had only served to mock him for his audacious stand against Goliath. Can you imagine the pressure of your older brothers looking to you for leadership and direction? They say you become like those you spend time with so I'm thinking David is really starting to be concerned that this whole thing is going every which way but up. Though David might be uncertain, God certainly knew what He was doing. These men, who were a minus every where else, would become mighty in the hands of God performing exploits in battle second only to David himself. Just as God chose a King for his people that everyone else had missed, God built an army from men who were completely messed up. 2 Samuel 23 reveals what they would become: Adino- A man who was outnumbered in battle 800 to one, Eleazar- a man who knew how to use a sword with skill, Shammah- a man who stood when all others fled, Abishai- the man who came to the aid of his king, Beniah- a solider like no others!


One of our value statements here at New Hope is that everyone is a 10 somewhere. I love this about our church. No matter how distressed, in debt or discontent someone may be we can look at them with the eyes of the Savior and see what they were made to do and help them find a place where they truly come alive! Everyone is a 10 somewhere but most everyone starts out at a minus ten somewhere else. All we tend to see is that place where we failed, fell, or are flawed. I know what that feels like. I'm only here today because someone could see in me what I could not see in myself. Leaders in my life called me out of limitations and into limitless possibilities through Christ the Lord! Take a look around you right now. Notice what others are missing. See beyond the 3 D's (distress, debt, discontent) and see them in 3D, the fully redeemed man or woman of God! You may be praying right now for those who can help you and they are right in front of you. Where you discounted their potential in the past discover the possibilities of what God wants to do in them. Don't turn them away. Help them turn into the mighty man or woman God has made them to be under your leadership. Remember, we all started out as a minus and someone had the patience and forsight to call us forward on onward in Jesus!


Lord, thank you for the leaders in my life who looked beyond the trash and saw the treasure. Who called me out beyond my lack and into your fullness. Thank You for continuing to train me in skills I never thought I would be proficient in. Help me to do the same for others. Help me to not get so used to working with 10's that I stop looking for the minus 10's and call them forward.

Devotions for April 20

1 Samuel 23
Psalm 31
Psalm 54
Matthew 7

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