Same Old Thing

Calvin Kochi


Ezekiel 20:18-19

18I said to their children in the wilderness, “Do not follow the statutes of your parents or keep their laws or defile yourselves with their idols. 19I am the Lord your God; follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws. 20Keep my Sabbaths holy, that they may be a sign between us. Then you will know that I am the Lord your God.”


The children of Israel did not follow the laws and decrees of the Lord. They chose to live by their own rules and follow the gods of the other nations and completely abandoned the Lord. It’s not that they did not know Gods laws and decrees, or the Sabbath they just didn’t keep them. They got caught up in their own selfish desires.


Getting our children to follow the Lord starts with us. If we don’t follow and adhere to His laws and decrees. And if we build our own idols or the idols of the world how can we expect tour children to do the same. I know that we have Gods Laws and decrees, and we have His word to follow. However the practical application of scripture was meant to taught as well as modeled. I am so glad that we are having classes like Intentional Parenting, which gives us tolls to help us. What is amazing the problems that they were having was the same for me as it was thousand of year ago. I fail to keep the Sabbath Holy, and also His Word Holy. I made God the God of my understanding and not a lifestyle that must be modeled well. Thank God for second chances I am still learning how to lead well.


P Lord may I keep your Sabbaths and Your Word holy, so that it may be a sign between us, because I know that you are my God.

Devotions for September 03

Ezekiel 20,21
Psalms 111
Revelation 8

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