Rod Shimabukuro


Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34


How to read the Bible well, tip: When the word “Therefore” appears, ask - what is the "Therefore” there for? In other words, read the sentences, paragraph prior to discover the broader meaning of the verse.

Therefore…don’t worry… Why? Because we are called to seek the God who will provide for us, the essentials of life: food, drink, clothing (v25-33). This instruction seems to be geared to the poor, but includes the rich.

In this chapter (6), Jesus is speaking to a variety of people. Some of whom were rich, poor and spiritual/influentional leaders. He calls for people (inc. the rich) to not live for earthly treasures in this life, but live for eternal rewards (v19-24). Besides, there is daily troubles, so focus on living one day at a time.


A timely reminder and life refreshing word for my soul. If I’m not careful, I fill my thoughts and soul with “concern” which can overflow quickly to becoming worry. For me, concern means focusing my thoughts and efforts on a particular situation, person…needing attention.

But worry moves in when I become more consumed with the issue or person…, and my energy, thoughts and life begin robbing me of a trust and gratefulness in God.

So I choose…
• To live this day with gratefulness to Jesus.
• To show love to the people I’m serving, praying and concerned for.
• To seek God first - in the midst of TODAY’S trouble.
• Not focus on the carry over of “tomorrows trouble.”


WOW again God! You are always so good and I’m again, so thankful to You, for You! I Love You soon much Lord. You’re word is so alive to me…bringing me health, life and equipping me to know You more deeply. God - I really really love You - thanks so much…for knowing how ad when to speak these kinds of words to me!

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