Rod Shimabukuro


Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained, but happy is he who keeps the law. Proverbs 29:18


Happiness happens…when one lives by and obeys Gods commands. It’s been more defined in our 21st century culture that joy and happiness are 2 different experiences. The Western, American interpretation has diluted the experience of happiness, in my opinion. God’s people can experience a deep happiness, which Western Christians define happiness as more of a “temporal, shallow experience.”

This proverb calls for vision (not strategic planning towards a lofty, audacious goal). Vision refers to revelation, more common to be associated with prophetic insights and spiritual visions. Once again, the western Americanized church has confined or limited “vision” to more of a corporate goal which has generally included church growth, financial gain/stability or numbers in general.

  • Where there is no prophetic, spiritual insights - people live unrestrained lives. But on the contrary, those who have, abide in and by the Law of God are happy! Interesting contrast on this Feb. Leap Year Tuesday, the 29th!

When the Bible Reading schedule excludes Leap Year, Feb 29th - do the “Proverbs thing” and read a Proverb a day - which makes today’s reading … Proverbs 29 :)

My take away from todays Proverb is a challenge to prayer. Prayer to seek, know and follow God’s vision for my life, family, leadership and pastoral calling. I’ve been trained in business, management and leadership to develop goals, plan, organize and execute - with a follow up strategy to be more effective, more organize. My vision will determine my and other people’s future. I must have vision, vision, vision!

  • Today I rest in God and His Word - and through my slow pace, meditation, study in God’s Word, He give me vision. Spiritual vision, awakening my soul and giving me wisdom to carry out His plans - not mine.

  • My vision is what I see the Father doing, hear Him saying. That’s not always easy to know and understand. So much of my training teaches me to “reach for the stars, dream big, be all you can be!”

  • Today I delight in God’s commands and words. Today I’m so happy knowing that He is stirring me with spiritual insights, prophetic thoughts.

  • Today I am so fulfilled, content and restful in His Word, not “my goals or dreams.”

Leadership says dream big, think big, live bigger - so people will follow you.
Discipleship says…love God, love people, seek prophetic revelation through HIs commands.

Don’t misunderstand me - I believe leadership is needed, developed and a gift to be used to build up and direct God’s people, for God’s glory. My personal challenge is to be careful not to overdo my leadership at the expense of lacking spiritual & prophetic insights - while trusting God’s commands, not my corporate convictions.


God…have much,much mercy on me! Please develop me to be a spiritual leader who has prophetic insights. Not just a leader who is trained to lead, lacking a knowledge ad wisdom in Your commands! I mega love You!

Devotions for February 29

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