Pass the Ketchup

Jeff Weinkauf


Proverbs 30:5-6

“Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.

6Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.


It’s a hard thing to imagine something with out error, blemish or ulterior motive. Even the best moments of life can often be followed up by instances one might call “less than stellar”. That’s why this scripture is so intriguing to me. It say’s “Every word of God is flawless”. Not just a few, not some, not most, EVERY. God hits the mark every time, His complete understanding of every facet and every angle elicits perfect responses every time.

I have to admit, I struggle to fully understand this in part because I’ve been carefully taught to avoid words with finality. Words like always, never and every in a relationship for example, are fighting words! But in the case of God they are 100% appropriate. God ALWAYS comes through, He NEVER miscalculates the moment, EVERY word from God is flawless.


Since this is true, I have hope and as the author says “a shield” and a “refuge”. I am protected by the purity of His truth and Holiness. I’m never at risk of being on the wrong side of the argument (although it may sometimes feel that way in the natural). And, no matter how I feel about what God says, verse 6 is very clear. “Do not add to His words”. It’s not my place to do so. God’s words stand as perfect and complete. Nothing more required.

It’s certainly not a perfect example but it reminds me of how when my wife Amy crafts a healthy home cooked meal from scratch, and the first thing I do is reach for the ketchup bottle. The flavors are there, the nutrients are there, but for some reason I want to add to it. Help it a little. Big mistake. In the case of our kitchen I lose the blessing of a skillfully crafted meal in favor of the familiar taste of Heinz. Try to “add” a little special sauce to God and verse 6 says I loose all credibility. I’m revealed as a liar. Why? Because God’s truth when challenged will stand, His truth will remain.


Father, Thank you for the refuge we find in your perfection. Help me to speak the truth in love keeping you at the center of all things. Amen

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Proverbs 30,31
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