Trusting in the Lord

Ken Silva


1 Samuel 14: 43Then Saul said to Jonathan, “Tell me what you have done.”So Jonathan told him, “I tasted a little honey with the end of my staff. And now I must die!” 44Saul said, “May God deal with me, be it ever so severely, if you do not die, Jonathan.” 45But the men said to Saul, “Should Jonathan die—he who has brought about this great deliverance in Israel? Never! As surely as the Lord lives, not a hair of his head will fall to the ground, for he did this today with God’s help.” So the men rescued Jonathan, and he was not put to death.


Saul in his haste and arrogance pronounces a death judgment on his son Jonathan. This arrogance is displayed when his son accidentally disobeyed a decree Saul had made to all Israel. Saul had commanded the people to fast until evening for the Lord’s help in their battle against the Philistines. His son, unaware of the decree, ate a little bit of honey. Even though Jonathan won a great military victory over the Philistines with the help of the Lord. His father sentences him to death. Saul never inquired of the Lord what he should do, the men of Israel stood up and did not allow Saul to put Jonathan to death.


In times of distress, when we’re wrestling with a problem or situation, do we seek guidance from the Lord? Sometimes in our anxiousness to “move on”, or enter a “new season” we make rash decisions. Maybe not considering the long-term ramifications. Maybe not weighing whether the decision we’re making is one of convenience rather than one that is well thought out. I know I have been done this road more times than I care to admit. I know one of the enemy’s weapons he uses is that of busyness. When I am juggling multiple tasks or projects (no matter how well intentioned) I have a tendency to default to a “convenient” decision.


Dear Lord thank you for living in my life. You have proven yourself so faithful even when I fall short. Please continue to strengthen my walk with you. I pray I never take my eyes off of you but rather press closer when the storms come. Help me to live a life pleasing to you. Amen

Devotions for April 13

1 Samuel 14
1 Chronicles 4
2 Corinthians 13

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