WhoooHooo - Deliverer and Judge

Rod Shimabukuro


Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises! Psalm 98:4


I’m amazed, thankful, possessed with a joy and honor inexpressible - to the Godhead! As v4 sticks out to me, I’m filled with awe in the psalmists context. His motivation and purpose for this joyful song of praise is framed in the setting of God’s deliverance of His people through hardship, persecution (v1-3).

There’s also praise in knowing that God is the final authority, as judge and will execute righteousness in the end (v9). In Him, we can entrust our lives - for He is knows us, our enemies, the outcomes and is the ultimate Deliverer and has the last say as the righteous Judge.


With the theme and setting of this psalm in mind - I am called to give God Praise!!!! I have nothing to worry, grumble, be upset...about. More crucial is the Lord saying to me...“Rod - why are you allowing internal, carnal thoughts settle in your mind and heart? I am your God, your righteous executor of truth, righteousness, judgement - so let Me do my work around you and in you. Trust me with these things and give me joyful praise in song!”

As I write these spirit is lifted, being delivered and healed - in my inner self. It’s not just the surroundings around me that is a trial - it’s the happenings in me, that I allow to fester that becomes an enemy!


Thank YOU LORD GOD ALL WONDERFUL! I give You praise and make this joyful noise - to sing of Your righteousness and goodness and greatness. I’m so sorry - again - for fixing my eyes way too much on myself and not on You! Oh the JOY of KNOWING WHO YOU ARE in Faithfulness, Righteousness, Truth and Deliverance!

Devotions for May 21

1 Kings 7
2 Chronicles 4
Psalms 98
Romans 2

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