Itís not who you are but who you know

Rod Shimabukuro


Gen 47:1-12


Due to severe famine in the land, Joseph communicates to Pharaoh that his family is in need of housing their flocks and families. A pretty large entourage to be provided for. Pharaoh favors Joseph and blesses his family with the best of the land and and even offers Joseph’s brothers to oversee Pharaoh’s livestock. Sweet deal - land to occupy and employment overseeing Pharaoh’s flocks and laborers. Jacob blesses Pharaoh twice - when he meets him and departs from his presence. V 12 indicates that Joseph provides for his family and their descendants, which certainly comes through the hands of Pharaoh.

It wasn’t who Jacob, his brothers were that gained them the favor of provision through Pharaoh. It was who they knew. It was through their relationship with Joseph, who found favor with Pharaoh that connected them to the blessings of provision.


It’s not who I am but who I know that graces me with the honor and blessings of provision. The provision of life, freedom, supplied needs and all blessings along life’s way has been provided for. Through Jesus, whom I know and who knows me, I find life secure.

The world and my worldly ways seeks to benefit from who I know - to gain favor. It seems to certainly operate this way. I’ve heard it said, it’s not who you are but who you know that will get you ahead in life. This is certainly true spiritually speaking.

  • Who I know (JESUS) will not only get me ahead in life, I have and experience true life, knowing HIm!

I love You so much Daddie God. Thank you for Your constant love, grace and forgiveness, to accept me for who You made me to be - not who I am in the flesh. I can’t imagine living life with out You. Thank you for Your favor, your provisions in ALL areas of the life You’ve given me! Thank you for Your favor upon Beckie…. and Kai, Koa and Malia! Thank you for the life connection we have with you. Please continue to grace us with the life connection we have with You.

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Genesis 47,48
Psalms 10
Luke 19

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