Honoring the Sabbath

John Tilton


Leviticus 23:3

There are six days when you may work,but the seventh day is a day of Sabbath rest,a day of sacred assembly. You are not to do any work;wherever you live, it is a Sabbath to theLord.


The Lord was very clear to Moses about honoring his festivals, sacred assemblies and directives. The Sabbath was a very sacred day for the Lord, requiring that no work would be done, but that the Israelites would honor the Lord in reverence, as it is His day.


I really need to make a consorted effort to honor the Lord’s Sabbath, especially because the usual Sabbath day, Sunday, is currently the main homework day for my Master’s program. It’s also the day, we serve the Lord at church, as staff. I wonder if I can do half a day on Sunday, and half a day on Monday?


Dear Lord, I want to honor you in the Sabbath, and look forward to figuring it out so that I can have a full day of Sabbath.

Devotions for February 14

Leviticus 23,24
Psalms 24
Acts 21

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