You Feed Them

Tim Savage


13But Jesus said, “You feed them.”Luke 9


There are so many important lessons in today’s reading, but I choose to focus on Jesus’ response to the disciples, when they said to send the multitude away, so they could try to feed themselves. Jesus’ reply really surprised me. Number 1, he didn’t agree with them and send the crowd away. Number 2, he didn’t say, gather them around and I will feed them, he said, “you feed them.” What is the lesson in that? Jesus performed the miracle; He took the boy’s fish and loaves and miraculously multiplied it to feed 5000 men, plus the women and children, so why tell the disciples to feed them? I believe He wanted to impress upon His leaders that they are responsible for the people and their well being.


It is said that ministry would be so much fun if it weren’t for the people. We all know that there is some truth to that. Serving God is a joy but sometimes dealing with others and with our sins is tough. I’m reminded and convicted this morning that I must take Jesus’ direction much more seriously. I have to have the mindset to “feed the people.” I can’t send them away to someone else hoping that they will be fed, cared for or shepherded, that’s on me. Often I feel like I should be free from shepherding, so that I can fly my gifts more, but I think Jesus would say that the people come first and your gifts only matter if they are cared for. I must make a new commitment to feeding my flock.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Forgive me when I have not been a good shepherd. Forgive me when I have avoided my responsibilities. Would you fill me with Your love, mercy and grace as I try to lead Your precious people well.

In Jesus name,


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