Miracles - Repentance = Denouncing?

Rod Shimabukuro


Then Jesus began to denounce the towns in which most of his miracles had been performed, because they did not repent. Matthew 11:20


Miracles took place through Jesus and the disciples. People were healed, the blind, deaf, lame and dead people were brought back to life! These miracles were accompanied by the Good News of the Kingdom (verse 4-5). The hope of the Messiah has arrived!

Oh oh!!! Not so good news for the towns who benefited from all these miracles. Jesus denounced them! Why?


Yes, God performs miracles - still today. People are being healed, provided for, guided…! God answers prayer and performs miracles today! I’ve seen them - I’ve personally experienced a few. And I’m believing for God to continue to gift those He chooses, with the gift of healing where undeniable miracles of God take place! “More miracles Lord - and use me, as You will!”

Where's the Repentance?

Oh….but if repentance does not accompany the miracles taking place, what good are healed people in this life, who forsake Jesus? A nice “healed life” on this side of eternity is nice, but is to enough?

I know the Lord has been very gracious, faithful and sovereign - performing miracles - even as America, cities, towns and people all over the world are not repenting. God is God. But may I consider…being used of God - preaching the Gospel - leading people to Jesus - with a personal heart of compassion, brokenness and repentance.


Holy God! You are sooooooooo Holy, Loving, Faithful, Good, Sovereign….performing miracles in so many ways, in so many lives…despite America’s and people’s sins!

Thank You…for everything You are doing in my heart. I want to be used of You, in greater ways…but never at the expense of glorifying any other but You!

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1 Samuel 28,29
Psalm 109
Matthew 11

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