Who Is Leading Your Heart?

Jon Burgess


May the Lord lead your hearts into a full understanding and expression of the love of God and the patient endurance that comes from Christ. 2 Thessalonians 3:5


The prayer request on Paul's heart was to discern who was leading the hearts of the church. If the Lord was leading their hearts (emotions, passions, intentions) then they would end up at the proper destination- the love of God. If, however, their hearts were being led by other influences, such as "believerswho live idle lives and don’t follow the tradition they receivedfrom us (vs 6)", then the church would end up at a dead end. It made me realize that just because I gave Jesus my heart in salvation it doesn't mean that He is the One leading my heart. Paul wouldn't have prayed this if it wasn't possible for a Christian to let someone else or something else lead their heart in the wrong direction. Every day must be a conscious choice to put Jesus in the drivers seat of my life. This is especially true when following the examples of the leaders around me. If those leaders are not being led by Christ then my heart will be led astray as well.


When Cyndi and I arrived in Japan two weeks ago for the first time everything was new to us. We did not have our bearings, we did not know the transportation system, we did not even know how to get from the airport to the hotel. We did know that we had nothing to fear as long as Pastor Talo & Nori Sataraka were near. As Pastors of New Hope Tokyo they knew the ins and outs, the short cuts, and best times to travel on the freeways to avoid traffic. While Talo drove us in to Tokyo he told us all about the landmarks and building that we passed by. I didn't for one instance feel like we were going to get lost. Why? I was with an expert. I wouldn't ever get off the plane and step into a strangers car. Why? How I do I know I can trust them. Yet, isn't that exactly what I do when I let circumstances and situations, crisis and gossip lead my heart? Every day there are multiple opportunities to let offense take the lead of my heart when something is said that is hurtful. I can let gossip lead my heart to places of division and disgust against someone I'm called to love. I can let jealousy and envy lead my heart away from rejoicing at another brothers success. I can let weariness take the drivers seat of my heart and fall asleep at the wheel as I watch or listen to something I shoudn't simply because I'm tired and my guard is down. I can let a leader with all the best intentions lead my heart away from a Holy Spirit conviction simply because I want to impress them or be more like them. The truth is that if anyone is leading my heart beside Jesus I will end up in a dead end or worse yet a destructive pattern seeking to derail my relationships through out-of-control emotions. Here's the truth test on who is leading my heart: Is the expression of God's love increasing or decreasing in my life? Am I becoming impatient or growing in patience with those around me?


Take the lead of my heart today Lord. Lead me into a full understanding of Your love and patience with those around me. I declare You as Lord over the thoughts, intentions, emotions and passions of my heart! Let my heart not be closed off from you but closer to You. You know the landscape of my soul. You are the only resident expert of my heart. You are the only One who can see around the corner of today. So why would I trust anyone else in the drivers seat of my life?

Devotions for May 19

1 Kings 4,5
2 Chronicles 2
Psalms 101
2 Thessalonians 3

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