Who you are.

Jeff Weinkauf


Psalm 11:7
For the Lord is righteous;
he loves righteous deeds;
the upright shall behold his face.


It can be easy for me to forget God in His righteous state.
I think of Him as a friend or kind mentor, even as the wellspring of all resources.
Certainly He's those things and more, but it's important never to forget the Lord is righteous.

According to Webster's dictionary, righteous is defined as: acting in accordance with moral law, free from guilt and sin, morally right or justifiable. Even the slang definition of "excellent" applies.

This means God lives in a state of perfection, never out of bounds with any thought or word or deed. He's the absolute anchor point for all things, He is completely good, the standard by which we are all judged.


It's good to remember who God is, to be know the character of Him whom we serve. I know my friendship with God does not compromise His Holiness. God did not relax His standards for me. Recognizing His righteousness helps me to remember that It's not inconsequential when I choose to go my own way. His grace does not erase the penalty of my sin, it transfers it to Jesus.

This morning the sun has just cleared the trees and is now streaming in through my window. It's "glory" far outshines the power of my computer screen and quietly demands my attention. It's a tangible example of God's righteousness overwhelmingly covering all else. It can't be ignored. It's a the key to His character.


God who is righteous. May we not forget who you are. As you extend grace through Jesus, let us not use that as license to disobey. Help us to live in light of your character. Amen

Devotions for April 16

1 Samuel 18
1 Chronicles 6
Psalm 11
Matthew 3

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